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Welcome to the Wholy Praise Dance photo and video gallery. We invite you to view photos and video clips of past events. Please feel free to share your thoughts and testimonials with us as well.

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Alabaster Box Alabaster Box MOBC 2007 Praise Dance Festival


Simply Awesome
Posted by Linda on 30 April 2013
I love your website. The still pictures are beautiful and your ministry of "Alabaster Box" is so anointed and full of REAL expression. Keep dancing for Christ! I would love use one of your stills on my blog, with permission.
Posted by Wynne - on 01 September 2010
I should have done this weeks ago however it was for this time. I was so bless by watching your video just now that I have to stop and give God praise for He has truly been better to me than I have been to myself! Please don't ever stop with this awesome ministry that God has truly anointed you with. I praise him for women like yourself. Your boldness is a testimony to many. I will continue to pray for you and with you that His perfect will shall be done in your life! Be bless my sister!
Posted by Lisa Cobb on 30 July 2010
Ca Asia---TRULY the Lord has GIFTED and ANOINTED you for this great work of the dance. You are so awesome! Filled with the TOTAL PACKAGE--poise, grace, technique, and most of all the ANOINTING! It was WONDERFUL having you dance at our CD listening reception and seeing you again on Resurrection DAY was too much for words! May God continue to bless and keep you!
Posted by Dr. Negleatha Johnson, Life Waters Ministries, on 06 April 2010
I love to witness you minister in the form of dance, you are truly my inspiration to continue to give God the glory with my body. I Love You and thank you for the endless amount of time you have invested in me as well as in my spirit of worship.
Posted by Devan Ellison on 25 September 2009
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