Transparent Leadership – In John Chapter 8 we read of a story of a woman who’d been brought to the temple by the scribes and Pharisees (religious and educated men) where Jesus was teaching in the temple—an open area, in the ecclesiastical court. She was being brought to Jesus—really as a set up for Jesus who was at the temple tending to the people of the region. And the word says that she was brought, (probably taken in the act of adultery). Now how transparent can one get—-caught in the midst of the sin itself and placed before God (Jesus) and her country, her people to be punished in an act of which she was caught. Transparent—-okay let’s look at her transparent state; dirty, smelly, sin all upon her, probably half clothed to present as a mockery before the people, disheveled, ashamed, embarrassed, cold, afraid, just all together caught up in guilt, cause remember, they had taken her in the act, and no doubt alone and bare bones exposed — transparent—before the people and Jesus.  And these same men—no doubt her accomplice in the shadows of the men—asked, the great Rabbi, “what say you, for she was caught in the act…..”
And what does Jesus do. He seemingly doesn’t take notice to what they’ve asked but instead writes in the dust—-
Freedom, Daughter you are free.