On 7/25/15 I met an Venezuelan Airman named Marcus F. during a flight delay at the Haiti Airport. He blessed me with a scripture, Isaiah 41:10 as a token of appreciation for helping him understand his flight delay. He said he was only being a servant of God by giving me the scripture. And although I tried to analytically comprehend, God immediately took over and said “just trust and rest in my word, and Fear not….” That is the same scripture I was praying when asked by the¬†Psalmist to just move, dance His heart ca-Asia is what I remember her saying.¬† And this was the result of our conversation,

You see we never know who we will encounter throughout our day, just be obedient to His voice. Your dance, your extended hand, your yes will save someone from committing suicide, help someone press through believing for a job, or save another from the very jaws of satan. Obey the voice of God—and watch how he responds back to your obedience.